How to Choose Email Provider

How to Choose Email Provider

What Is Email Hosting

Email is the main way of business communication on the Internet nowadays. If you do business then most likely you’d have an email tightened to your domain name (e.g., not some @gmail or @hotmail stuff.

How to Choose Email Provider

The truth is just about every hosting provider includes email service into web hosting plans. In most cases, it makes sense to use this service, especially if you host your business website in this account. For a bigger business, it even makes sense to have own VPS or a dedicated server for email correspondence. However, there are some cases when it’s better to go for a specialized email service. Let’s figure out how to choose email provider for your individual needs.

When Is It Better to Go for Email Hosting Provider?

Sure there are lots of possible scenarios but let’s check the most common ones:

  • You don’t have a website (though probably it’s a mistake). If somehow you still don’t have your own website (or probably it’s in progress) it makes sense to save money on hosting. There is no sense to overpay for hosting when you don’t have a website. However, you may still need email address to get in touch with your customers. In such cases, a cheaper (or even free) webmail hosting is a reasonable solution. Don’t forget that you still need to have your domain name anyway.
  • You have a website hosted with a provider which doesn’t have email service. Some hosting services and site builders still don’t provide email solution (for example, because sometimes maintaining this service may become a headache). That’s not a problem, you still can have your site hosted there and host mail at some special provider at the same time.
  • You have special needs in regards to email functionality. Shared calendar for your employees? Collaboration tools? In most cases, such needs won’t be met by a regular web hosting email service. Those services are designed to meet requirements of an average user who mostly needs to send and receive mail. If you need additional functions then most likely you will need something more than web hosting.

Factors to Consider When Deciding on Which Email Provider Is Best

Depending on your situation some of the factors will be more important than the others during email provider comparison. Here they are:

  • Paid VS free. If you’re short of funds then you may choose one of the free email providers. You will have to see ads, may face frequent downtimes and less storage. However, if you have higher requirements then it makes sense to consider paid services from webmail providers which are more responsible than even best free email service providers and place no ads in your control panel.

    Free email providers list: google for email hosting, GMX, Zoho, Outlook, AOL, Protonmail,

  • Personal VS shared usage. If you are using the email alone then it doesn’t make sense to overpay for best email service solutions which are designed for the high load. And if you have a group of employees then personal email may not work as it’s intended for one person.
  • Price for additional email addresses. In most cases, you pay for each additional mailbox separately. Try to find out the price in advance and compare your budget.
  • Tools. Usually, such features as collaboration tools, calendar, exchange are available with more expensive plans. Pay attention to these factors when selecting a plan.
  • Storage. The same as with the previous plan. The more money you pay, the more space you get. You can estimate this by checking your current disk space usage. Try to get a plan where you will have some disk reserve. Otherwise, your senders will see a bounce-back message when your disk space quota is full.

Considering these factors you will be able to find what email provider is best for your needs.

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