Choosing the Best Dedicated Server for Web Hosting

Choosing the Best Dedicated Server for Web Hosting

We already provided you with some tips on choosing a suitable shared hosting provider and now it’s time to review a more complicated topic. Buying a dedicated server is always a very serious step because that’s the most expensive niche on market. Most likely you’re doing this because you’ve overgrown shared hosting or you have some special needs which can’t be fulfilled on a regular web hosting plan. For example, you’re a successful blogger and now you need the best server for WordPress with 50-100k of visitors per day. Also, it’s possible that you are a growing hosting reseller business and you want to switch to a solution with a recommended server configuration for web hosting providers.

Choosing the Best Dedicated Server Web Hosting Provider

There are several things you need to understand before going for a dedicated server. Having a dedicated server means more resources and more rights, you can do literally anything on your server. This also means you need to have more understanding of how to work with your server, take responsibility for security and resource usage and so on. As an alternative, you can pay for server management from your hosting provider. Thus it is very important to select the best server provider which will be able to setup server well for an affordable price and provide sufficient support if you need it. So let’s see which factors are to be considered when choosing the best dedicated hosting.

Operational System

In the vast majority of cases, you’d prefer some dedicated server hosting Linux based OS. However, if you need such things as MSSQL or ASP.NET (for example, you have a ready website) then you will need Windows hosting. Not all dedicated hosting providers offer both Windows and Linux servers so this will be an important factor which will cut off several options.

What’s Included in Server Setup

Usually, on a hosting provider’s website, you will see a price for a bare server. However, most likely you’d like to have OS installed for you and probably some software like cPanel. Pricing of the license for this software may vary from provider to provider and most likely will increase the overall price greatly.

Dedicated Server Management

In most cases, even the best dedicated server providers charge you for server management but there is also a range of included options. For example, you will not have to pay an additional fee for hardware checks and server monitoring. In some cases, you will even receive help on system and security updates. This is a very important part of your investigation – you need to know what does the provided include in paid and free management options.

If you are not an experienced server administrator then it’s strongly recommended to offer a full server management. In this case, your experience will be pretty similar to an experience of shared hosting user. You don’t have to worry about system updates, firewall settings and a bunch of other stuff. Pay more and save your time.

Server Resources

That’s a pretty complicated question. The vast majority of the best dedicated hosting providers have a lot of options and it’s not a piece of cake to select the one which suits you. It is always better to buy a server which allows you some reserved space. In this case, you won’t have a need for a sudden upgrade if someone suddenly posts a link to your site on Reddit for example. At the same time, no one likes overpaying for an unused amount of resources. A quick tip – get the information on your current resource usage and get in touch with Customer Support of the provider you’d like to switch to. They should be able to compare your data with their plans.


Pretty much connected to the previous point. You need to know what are your options for an upgrade without switching a server. The truth is you will have a physical server located in a rack which is located in a cabinet in a brick and mortar data center. The logistics of your provider may suggest that they will not be able to add you a hard drive or some additional memory without switching a server which means some inconvenience. Thus you need to know your options in advance.

Dedicated Server RAID and HDD or SSD?

That’s about the choice between larger HDDs and faster SSDs. If you have some kind of a big file storage then go for HDD. If you need a faster connection to storage then go for SSD. As for RAID, it’s about a drive which will not be used for storage but will provide you with redundancy. Basically, this is an investment in the security of your data. It’s recommended not to neglect it. But this also doesn’t mean you don’t need to do your own backups.

Dedicated Hardware and Network

Try to get as much data as possible regarding the data center, network and hardware your potential provider offers. In most cases, they will not provide you with all the details due to security reasons but you can get some insight into their infrastructure and understand how serious they are about it.

These are the most important factors you need to consider before going for a dedicated server web hosting.

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