How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

How to Choose a Good Web Hosting Provider

There is a very high competition on the web hosting market. You can find interesting solutions both from industry giants and small companies. It becomes harder and harder for a newbie to find a suitable web hosting service provider nowadays. This article is on how to choose hosting provider nowadays.

To Begin With

The first stage is to determine your purpose. What hosting type would you like to have? What CMS you will use? How many sites would you like to host? Write down all the requirements you have before we start.

Technical Things to Consider

Operational system. A hosting server is somewhat similar to your home desktop PC and it runs some OS. The most wide-spread ones are *nix-based systems such as CloudLinux and CentOS. Also, some people prefer Windows hosting.

If you’d like to have a WordPress, Joomla or any other php-based CMS then we would recommend going for *nix-based system. Windows hosting can be recommended if you have application to host which is not very common among newbies.

When it comes to a selection among *nix-based systems, we definitely recommend CloudLinux. It’s a system which is developed specifically for shared hosting purposes. It includes such systems as CageFS and LVE which allow fair resources distribution among users on the server and prevent outages when some user is overusing the resources. There are many hosting companies which offer CloudLinux it’s strongly recommended to choose among them.

Learn What Is Hosting Plan

If you’re just starting your website then it makes sense to start with the cheapest hosting plan. Hosting plan is a set and volume of allocated resources you’re going to receive during the specified billing cycle. You always can upgrade paying only the difference between plans so there is no need to overpay for additional resources right away. Many providers offer unlimited web hosting plans and you need to realize that there are no unlimited things in the world. Such packages are usually not limited by parameters which are usually limited for other plans (e.g. the number of addon domains, databases and so on) however anyway there are certain limitations which can be found somewhere in Accepted Use Policy.

Also, some providers are focused on some specific kind of hosting. However, they may offer other types as well. In this case, it may make sense to select the provider which is focused on the hosting you’re looking for because most likely they know how to do it well.

Billing Cycle

Also, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to billing cycles. Some providers offer flexible options – monthly, 3-months, 6-months, yearly cycles. Other providers are limited in options. It’s up to you because some people prefer paying for a big period right away while others like spending small sums monthly.

Money back guarantee

Some people think that it’s better to start from 1-month billing cycle to be able to test hosting without significant financial risks. However, there is a better idea – you can take advantage of a money back guarantee and avoid losing any money at all. Just about all web hosting companies offer from 14 to 30 days money back guarantee which means they will provide you with a full refund if you decide to cancel in the corresponding period of time after the purchase. That’s a good way to understand if you’ve chosen a right provider.

Web Hosting Support Quality

Most likely you will have to get in touch with their Customer Support in order to set things up. The more channels are supported, the better. Usually, you can find a phone number, chat system, ticket helpdesk and even social media support. According to the modern customer support trends, the importance of phone support drops which social media assistance become more popular. Anyway, you need to make sure they provider 24/7 customer support via the channels you prefer.

Positioning on market

The high competition on market forces providers to select some niche. Some providers use only green energy for their datacenters which is important if you’re worried about the environment. Other providers support net neutrality and online privacy initiatives which may be important for people who share these values. It’s up to you but you need to know that you can go with a provider who shares your values.

Look for Web Hosting Companies Review

Many web newbies use the obvious way to select a proper provider – they check host customers surveys online. I have to say that you need to filter this hosting info carefully. The thing is that some companies actually pay for such review of web hosting services. These are the most important aspects you’d better consider before choosing a hosting company. It makes sense to do a good investigation before accepting offers because this may save you a lot of time and efforts. Another thing is that sometimes negative surveys are triggered by very subjective issues from the customer. However, too much of negative information from trusted users may be worth considering before you go with some of the providers.

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