Managed WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons

Managed WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons

Specialized WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular content management system nowadays. This triggers a high demand for hosting solutions for it. A lot of providers offer specialized WordPress website hosting services today and this article is intended to show you the pros and cons of managed WordPress web hosting services.

WordPress hosting vs web hosting

The idea of managed hosting is pretty simple. Your web host provider takes responsibility for all technical aspects related to the management of your WordPress website. For example, this means you will not have to update your WP version. Also, your blog will be hosted on a fast and secure WordPress hosting server which is configured to server this particular CMS better. The vast majority of usual WP management options are under the hood so the only thing you should focus on is building your awesome blog and filling it with content. This sounds great but specialized WordPress hosting has its pros and cons.

WordPress hosting pros:

Speed and optimization. The truth is WordPress hosting providers pay a lot of attention to the creation of fast and WP optimized services. A good managed WordPress hosting account will be much faster than a blog hosted on regular web hosting. The main reason is that web hosting is a universal environment which is suitable for just about any CMS thus it’s not optimized for any particular CMS. Sure you can get high speed on some WordPress VPS but you will have to spend a lot of time and/or money for paid assistance for optimization.

Security. WordPress is a very vulnerable CMS because there are lots of plugins and themes which are used without proper investigation. That’s not a problem if you are hosted on a managWordPressess server. Your provider limits plugins you can use to keep your account protected. Moreover, they have a lot of security checks and scan accounts for viruses.

Specialized Customer Service. While regular hosting providers have to train their staff to handle different web hosting requests, WordPress hosting providers have real WP specialists. The focus of such companies implies more narrow sphere of responsibility for their customer support specialists which suggests deeper knowledge. However, this may work not for every provider so it’s recommended to check CS first.

Tools for web pros. This depends on providers and their WordPress hosting plans but in some cases, you may find cool instruments such as git for version control and so on.

WordPress hosting cons

Limitations. The idea of managed hosting service implies a lack of flexibility. You may find yourself in the situation when you need some special plugin but the provider doesn’t allow it. Also, if you are used to managing your WP and fix minor issues by yourself then you may find it uncomfortable when you will need to contact customer support to make the same actions. That’s the price you pay for the managed hosting.

Price. Speaking about the price – it’s considerably higher for specialized WordPress plans than for conventional web hosting. However, if your blog brings you significant profits it may make sense to invest such funds for high speed and lack of efforts. On the other hand, hardly this works for a blog which doesn’t bring you much. This factor depends on your economic model and readiness to invest.

Logistics. Going for a managed WordPress hosting is a good idea if you have only WordPress based sites. If you have any other CMS in your portfolio then you will need to have an additional web hosting account which suggests more spendings and complications with managing your accounts.


Managed WordPress hosting is a good idea if you are ready to spend more to get higher speed and save some efforts. You need to consider all factors before going for this kind of hosting. If you are short of funds then probably it is better to conduct WordPress optimization by yourself – this is not that complicated.

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