Namecheap EasyWP review

EasyWp Namecheap review

A couple of years ago Namecheap added EasyWP (which stands for Easy WordPress) to a portfolio of their products. It’s a managed WordPress hosting service which is aimed to provide a smooth and effortless experience to those who don’t want to manage such things as updates, optimization and so on. I took a chance to check whether this new service is a good solution for those who prefer a managed hosting so check out this Namecheap EasyWP review.

It is important to realize that the product is in beta state and is being improved all the time so this Namecheap WordPress hosting review is accurate for August 2018.

Namecheap EasyWP

Is WordPress easy to use? Why do I need a Managed WordPress Hosting?

This is a very individual topic but for the vast majority people the answer to the “Is WordPress easy to use?” question would be yes, but not as easy as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) site builders. Such CMS as WordPress stand in the middle between those simple drag-n-drop editors and self-written websites. Having a lot of advantages such as flexibility and tons of themes and plugins, there are some factors which need some skills and time from you. First of all, you need to optimize your website because in its default configuration WP is pretty slow. Second, you will need to conduct upgrades of your WP versions. Add the necessity to create backups from time to time and a headache with broken plugins and you will realize that on some occasions you’d prefer someone to do all this job for you. And that’s when you need a managed WordPress solution.

The Idea of EasyWP

The concept of Easy WordPress is that you only need to care about building your website and promoting it. The vast majority of technical work disappears as you’re hosting on a specialized managed hosting platform. This also means you won’t have access to WordPress files and functionality outside of WordPress dashboard. No cPanel, no File Manager, only WordPress dashboard, and a special EWP control panel.

EasyWP control panel

After you buy the plan, you get access to EasyWP control panel. It doesn’t contain a lot of functionality, only the needed features are present:

Installation. This operation is even faster than installing WordPress in Softaculous script installer which is featured with Namecheap shared hosting plans. You can do that in a couple of clicks.

Backups. This one may be used to download your backup. You can do that both to make sure it’s stored somewhere else as well and to migrate somewhere.

namecheap hosting review

Domains tab. An easy way to change a domain name associated with your website. Also, this tab contains SSL functionality – just upload your certificate and private key and that’s it, you have proper encryption!

Overview tab. Sure there is an informational section which contains the data related to your subscription, remaining disk space and so on.

From this panel, you can proceed to the old good WordPress Dashboard and manage your content there.

Pros and cons of Namecheap EasyWP


Fast and convenient setup. Installing WordPress and pointing a domain to the new website was fast and effortless.

The speed of cloud hosting. Enough said it’s much faster than a WordPress instance on shared hosting and you don’t have to spend time on the optimization.

Pricing. There are several niches in the managed WordPress hosting industry. Let’s do a fast comparison to other managed WordPress hosting solutions in a niche of 10GB plans for 1 website:

Plan Namecheap



WP Engine












Price $1/first month
$3.88/from the second month$29.88/year



$350/year (two months are free)



(first invoice)

$11.5/month(from the second invoice)


$28/month (annual billing)



(monthly billing)




(first billing cycle)


(next billing cycles)



As you can see, EasyWP is the cheapest option on the market. Sure it has some cons as compared to the market veterans (and we’ll describe those below) but the price is really attractive if you’d like to save.

If we compare the managed cloud solution to another popular product of this company such as Namecheap stellar hosting then we can notice that shared hosting is cheaper ($2.88/month VS $3.88/month for EWP). Also, Stellar provides you with an option to host two more websites (besides the main one) and comes with free email. On the other hand, on shared you lack simplicity and the speed of cloud hosting.


With EWP you can use either a domain name registered with Namecheap only or a subdomain of their website (e.g. This is not convenient for those who don’t like keeping all eggs in one basket and don’t use Namecheap for domain registration.

As compared to for example Namecheap stellar or stellar plus hosting plans, EasyWP doesn’t provide any free email functionality. So, you would need to get an email hosting separately.

Not a con for everyone but Let’s encrypt is not supported. Also, SSL installation interface could have been more friendly. On the other hand, the installation is convenient if you know what you’re doing.

Lack of such options as access to WP files and/or SFTP. Providing SFTP access is a common practice for other managed WordPress providers and we’re sure it’s a temporary issue.


EasyWP from Namecheap is a good solution for those who want WordPress but don’t want to invest time in setup and optimization and don’t need full access. It is much cheaper than the same level plans from competitors so it’s a good choice if you are okay with its beta state.

There are not much Namecheap reviews 2018 on this service and you need to consider their dates if you find one. The truth is this product is being improved all the time. I hope this Namecheap WordPress hosting review sheds some light on this very promising solution.

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  1. It’s a really bad hosting. Expansive. Problematic. Their aching system breaks CSS and sometimes sites are just down. The downtime is what really worries me. EasyWP is just too much headache. Godaddy is way better.

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