Namecheap EasyWP Review 2019. What’s New?

Review of Easy WP Namecheap Hosting

A year ago I’ve posted a Namecheap EasyWP review. The product has changed dramatically so I decided to post what’s new in Namecheap Easy WP

Not beta anymore

That’s the first sign of the fact that this product is ready for usage and only will be improved in future releases. And that’s not only about status. A further point in this easy wp review will show you that currently, the product is much more mature than EasyWP beta.

EasyWP Plugin

That’s an attribute of an established managed WordPress hosting. They provide a specialized EasyWP plugin which is optimized for the Cloud platform to make WordPress run even faster. This is a rather advanced caching plugin with three caching levels – Varnish, Opcache, and Redis object cache. 

Sure, like it always happens to specialized plugins for managed WordPress, this means you can’t use some other WP plugins.


A year ago in my Namecheap managed WordPress review I mentioned the lack of SFTP access as a downside. Good news, they’ve implemented this feature and now you can manage your site in a safe way.


New EasyWP plans

From my previous EasyWP Namecheap review you may know that in 2018 there was a single plan for EasyWP beta. From now, we have more options – there are three plans (EasyWP Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic) which have different visitor capacity and disk space.


EasyWP vs WordPress hosting from other providers:

Plan EasyWP Starter Namecheap WP Engine












Price $1/first month


$3.88/from the second month




$350/year (two months are free)



(first invoice)

$11.95/month(from the second invoice)


$23/month (annual billing)



(monthly billing)




(first billing cycle)


(next billing cycles)


Visitors/month 50k 25k 10k 25k 25k
Disk Space 10 GB 10 GB 10 GB 5 GB 10GB

We can see that with their low-end plan Namecheap provide the most competitive plan in the niche of managed WordPress hosting for one website.

Middle plan:

Plan EasyWP Turbo



WP Engine


Growth (5 sites)







(10 sites)




Price $2/first month


$7.88/from the second month




$1150/year (two months are free)



(first invoice)

$34.95/month(from the second invoice)


$105/month (annual billing)



(monthly billing)




(first billing cycle)


(next billing cycles)


Visitors/month 200k 100k 100k 100k 100k
Disk Space 50 GB 20 GB 30 GB 20 GB 15GB

In the higher segment, the business model of EasyWP is harder to compare to such giants as WP Engine and Flywheel. EasyWP is still hosting for one website and apparently, this is a focus on small businesses even though good resources are offered. WP Engine and Flywheel offer business solutions for 5-10 websites and for the price of 1.1-1.2k per year.

Top plan

Plan EasyWP Supersonic
WP Engine


Scale (15 sites)




(30 sites)




Price $3/first month


$11.88/from the second month




$2900/year (two months are free)

$266/month (annual billing)



(monthly billing)




(first billing cycle)


(next billing cycles)


Visitors/month 500k 400k 500k 400k
Disk Space 100 GB 400 GB 50 GB 30 GB

We can see that EasyWP Supersonic is an insanely affordable solution for one busy WordPress blog as compared to other options on the market.

EasyWP Review Conclusion

To summarize, Namecheap offers good managed WordPress with compatible resources for small businesses. It comes with sufficient functionality to run a fast WordPress website without significant efforts. It is probably not perfect yet but the speed of development remains quite impressive.

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