The Renewed Namecheap Hosting Review

The Renewed Namecheap Shared Hosting Review

Recently, Namecheap revamped its shared hosting plans. This post is to shed some light on what has changed and whether it’s good or not.

In past, there were 4 Namecheap cPanel shared hosting plans – the cheapest and the most limited one (value 4g 2016), the one with more disk space and features (Professional 4g 2016), the Unlimited plan and Business SSD which offered the high speed of SSD hosting and PCI compliance for e-commerce.

The first thing you will notice now is that there are only 3 plans left. Stellar plan is the cheapest and the most limited, Professional and Ultimate are merged into limitless Stellar Plus. New Stellar Business replaced old Business SSD in a premium niche.

Let’s have a closer look at costs.

value 4g namecheap

Namecheap Pricing

This company is known thanks to their low prices (which is even in their name) without quality losses. Thus Namecheap hosting pricing is also very attractive.

In the past, they had a policy when after the first year you had to pay x3 for renewal. Their cheapest plan cost $9.88 per year which is less than a .com domain but after the first year, one had to pay $38.88. And while less than 10 bucks was a brilliant saving, even x3 is a fair price if we have a look at their competitors.

After the recent revamp, Namecheap shared hosting became more expensive but the Namecheap hosting renewal price remains the same. Their cheapest Stellar hosting plan is available at $24.88 per year which is a decent price for the value. So their new price is somewhere between prices of the 1st and the 2nd years of their former Namecheap Value 4G plan. Moreover, if you’re hosting for 2 years then actually now you will pay the same price as before – average $24.38 per year for Value VS $24.88 for Stellar.

But pricing is not the only thing that got changed. From now you can choose a monthly billing cycle for your hosting. This may be useful for those people who can’t afford to pay for a year of hosting right away. However, you need to remember to set up auto-renewal because not forgetting to pay manually each month may be complicated.

New Namecheap Hosting Plans

Features of Stellar are similar to good old Value 4G 2016. It’s a good solution for up to 3 websites. 

Stellar Plus is a powerful plan for web professionals who need unmetered disk space and the ability to host unlimited domains.

Stellar Business is another almost limitless premium solution which additionally includes pure SSD with higher I/O limit, PCI compliance, caching, the ability to create your own private NS instead of using Namecheap nameservers and FastCGI instead of LSPHP. However, the thing with Namecheap DNS may be alternatively resolved by purchasing their PremiumDNS service at $4.88 per year so you can receive private nameservers and even protection against DDoS attacks on NS for any hosting plan.

Additionally, if you need only WordPress and don’t need any additional features, you may be interested in Namecheap WordPress hosting – EasyWP. It’s a managed WP hosting which comes at the amazingly low price of $8.88 per the first year. This is a part of Namecheap discount strategy with the cheap first year which has been removed for shared hosting but still remains for EWP. The second year will cost $48.88.


This Namecheap review is aimed at describing changes in new hosting plans. As you can see, there are suitable solutions for just about any niche. For further clarifications, it is recommended to get in touch with Namecheap support

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