Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Top 6 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Many people have already faced a situation when you go to a domain name availability checker and find out that the domain you wanted is already registered. It’s a very common situation in 2019 for those who want to launch a website. This guide to choosing a domain name is to provide you with several tips on how to do that in the best way nowadays.

Tip 1. Use New gTLDs.

While .com remains to be the most popular domain name in the world (near 75% of sites use .com), it’s really hard to find a free and suitable .com today.

The first of tips on choosing a domain name is that last years more and more generic top level domains appear and that’s a great opportunity for those who are looking for good domain names for their websites.

Such gTLDs as .live, .club or .blog are great for a thematic website. For an online store, you can use .shop or .store. You may be surprised when you check business name availability among these new gTLDs!

However, keep in mind that .com is still the best option when possible. It’s just easier to remember.

Tip 2. Use Prefixes and Suffixes.

When you check the availability of domain name, try to use one of the most wide-spread suffixes and prefixes. They do not spoil your name because they look logical and at the same time it’s a good variant to have your desired name in the domain. The most popular prefixes are as follows:

This one is a good option for a personal blog or any informational website.

This prefix is also pretty universal. Be attentive when using it with geographical names.

This works well for online stores and informational websites related to Internet technologies.

A great prefix for sites and blogs related to sports or any other activities

This prefix is good for online retailers and other marketing-related sites. Another idea is to use it with informational websites (especially if you’re telling about the biggest or coolest things). However, it’s not good to use it with content which may trigger negative emotions. Let’s agree that “superfunerals” won’t work 🙂

Let’s move to top suffixes for website names:

This suffix emphasizes that you’re online. A great option for small businesses which are acquiring online presence

The same as web+ prefix

That’s a universal suffix for IT-related websites and blogs.

A good option if your website covers some specific informational sphere.

Another idea for a website related to IT technologies.

Tip 3. Use Domain Name Suggestions Generator

As it usually happens in 2019, there is always an online tool for any task. And sure you can find a service which helps to select the best domain names among a range of variants. You can even find a unique domain name generator with prefix suggestions.

Our favorite tool is There you can check the availability of domain name, find fun, short and SEO-friendly options for your domain name. Also, domain registrars allow you to check domain availability and even suggest additional variants if your domain is taken. 

Tip 4. Avoid digits and hyphens.

Sometimes it’s pretty lucrative to replace the letter “o” with a zero or divide your domain with a hyphen and get a nice .com domain. Nope, don’t do that. Your domain should be easy to remember, spell and pronounce. Many people still actually type domain names in the address bar. 

So, good domain name examples are:

Not good domain name examples:

Tip 5. Choosing a Domain Name for a Blog? Use your actual name or nickname!

Don’t know how to pick a domain name for your blog? Well, that’s a rare situation when it’s pretty simple.

Nothing can be more exclusive than your actual name or nickname. Especially this works well if you’re going to launch a personal blog. In case of success, this will even help you to promote yourself. Sure you need to remember about online privacy and security of your personal data in this case.

Also, when thinking how to choose a domain name for your blog you need to understand what’s your strategic plan. If you’re going to sell it someday then probably you need an alternative idea.

Tip 6. Choosing a Domain Name for a Personal Website

On the other hand, sometimes your domain name should reflect what you actually do. For example, if you’re choosing a domain name in real estate business, it’s better to specify the location you specialize on and the fact that you’re working in this particular business. That’s what your potential customers would look for. It may be in your domain name or even in TLD – check out .rent, .rentals and so on.

Even though the industry of domain names is pretty “adult” and it’s getting harder and harder to find a suitable domain name, you still can use your imagination and get an awesome one! I hope these choosing a domain name tips helped you to create online presence.

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