Website Speed Test Tools Comparison

Website Speed Test Tools

There are lots of website speed load test tools nowadays. Any user can speedtest any website in a couple of clicks. You can find an overview of site speed load test tools with their advantages and disadvantages below.

Google Pagespeed Insights

Google page speed insights – a tool which shows how fast your website is in percents defined by Google. 

* well, most likely you’re optimizing your WordPress for Google so using their website speed test tool is reasonable
* you will receive suggestions on what’s to be improved
* website speed test for mobile and desktop
* it’s easy and pleasant to track progress after you’ve implemented some changes

* in reality, the website speed depends on a lot of factors including the location you’re checking the site from. This tool doesn’t provide this information.
* No valuable data except for percentage in the output

The best site for speed test for: newbies and those who are implementing changes to their websites and tracking results of the efforts. Also, website speed test google tools are good for comparison with your competitors.

Website Speed Test Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Speed Test Toolsa very informative website speed test tool which allows checks from several locations and provides you with a pretty informative outputpingdom test tools

* A lot of information about your website’s performance including the heaviest parts and performance insights
* Performance grade and “Faster than X% of websites” options let you understand your situation as compared to other sites on the Internet
* You can choose a location to test your website from. This is useful especially when you’re not in the same region as your target audience is.

* The output contains a lot of details which can be confusing for a newbie
* You can test your website only from 5 locations 3 of which are located in the USA, one in Northern Europe and one in Australia. No Africa, India or any other regions.
* No website speed test mobile version.

Best for: experienced webmasters from USA, Sweden or Australia

Webpagetest Website Load Test – even more professional website speed test free
service with a lot of data in its output


* A detailed output, it even includes a separate row for stats received during the first request which wasn’t cached.
* A lot of locations to speed test your website from. Moreover, you can select a browser and mobile client.
* Marks for different aspects of the website optimization.
* A scan at webpagetest takes pretty much time. Though you can launch it and go for a cup of coffee.
* The same as for Pingdom – you will receive a lot of data and it’s good if you know what it means. But bad if you’re a newbie.
* A pretty outdated design
* No detailed suggestions on what can be improved

Best for: Gurus and those who depend on location of their target audience

Gmetrix Website Speed Tool

GTMetrix – another modern-looking and informative website analysis tool.gmetrix

* Grades for different aspects of optimization
* Nice modern interface
* YSlow function which provides you with recommendations on what’s to be improved

* You can’t select a location to test gmetrix page speed from. In my case, it was Vancouver, Canada and I was unable to do something about this.
* Well, a browser can’t be selected as well. It was Firefox for me.

Best for: experienced webmasters who don’t depend on a location of their target audience. A good Pingdom alternative.

These are the most popular tools to test website speed. Remember, that proper website optimization is a cornerstone when it comes to having a fast site.

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