Joomla vs WordPress

 Joomla vs WordPress

When it comes to WordPress alternatives a lot of experienced web designers may recall such CMS as Joomla!. Currently, we can’t say that there is some Joomla versus WordPress competition simply because while the latter wins market against any other CMS Joomla remains to be popular among the rather narrow community of designers. It’s true that many newbie web designers may not know what is Joomla but some time ago it was considered as a serious competitor for WordPress. And when a website developer was going to launch a new website, he or she was choosing between WordPress and Joomla if he/she had such freedom. So, let’s have a look at both and figure out which of these CMS is good for different purposes.

Joomla! is a known free content management system that is good in regards of both flexibility and usability. People use Joomla for blogging, business websites and a lot of other needs.

Actually, it is pretty close to WordPress in regards to features and flexibility. Both are free, open-source, and simple to install and apply, and both are reasonable for anybody from bloggers to experienced website specialists. However, there are some details.

joomla cms

Joomla admin panel

Hosting Joomla vs hosting WordPress

Both can be either installed manually or present in popular auto-installers such as Softaculous. Also, both are present in a portfolio of the biggest providers which offer specialized managed CMS hosting. Though, the current popularity of Joomla can’t be compared to the growing number of WordPress hosting options.


WordPress is simpler than Joomla CMS out of the box. However, in regards to availability for a newbie, both systems are good. Spending some more time on learning Joomla may be compensated by a good website you can create. Though if you’re short on time then understanding how to use WordPress would be faster.

Design and Layout

Every CMS gives users a flexibility to adjust the design of their website. However, WordPress comes with much more free and paid themes than Joomla.

how to use wordpress

WordPress admin panel

Flexibility – Joomla vs WordPress

WordPress functionality may be improved by the installation of numerous plugins. You even can turn it into an e-commerce website thanks to Woocommerce plugin. There are a lot of Joomla extensions which may improve its functionality. However, if we are talking about Joomla vs WordPress for business site then most likely the vast majority of people would choose WP (if somehow they don’t want a specialized system such as Magento, OpenCart and so on).

Joomla vs WordPress Security

First, there are many plugins which improve WordPress security. Also, the CMS itself has frequent updates. The same is with Joomla and its updates are even more frequent.


The two options have a big group of supporters, Joomla! has a much more sophisticated structure, even the most skilled engineers need time to learn and adapt to its design.

Conclusion: Joomla or WordPress

Picking between these stages narrows to two things; your technical level, and the complexity of your undertaking. Where Joomla’s quality is in its many-sided functionality, WordPress engages individuals to create sites without hardly lifting a finger. Thus for the vast majority of web design newbies, the WordPress vs Joomla comparison would be won by WP.

Bonus: Joomla vs WordPress vs Drupal

I decided to expand this article with the comparison to another very popular item.

What Is Drupal

Drupal is a CMS which is on the 3rd place among all open-source CMSs. It’s well-known for its SEO-friendliness and ease of content organization.

wordpress vs joomla vs drupal comparison

In the “fight” of these content management systems WordPress remains to be the most user-friendly one. So when we do a comparison of drupal vs joomla it’s clear that Drupal is more flexible for advanced web developers while Joomla is a perfect balance between Drupal and WordPress. When making decision on is drupal a CMS for you, it’s necessary to realize that even though it’s still a modern CMS, you will need more skills than to manage Joomla and WP.

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